On the final day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…


Meet Charlie, one adorable munchkin growing up in the very beginning stages of his own chocolate factory…

He’s not really supposed to be our focus, but really, his adorable little face (not to mention his name) says it all, as he watches his mom fold and cool the… yum! mouthwatering, lick your lips and drool just a little, chocolate!

We stumbled upon Jon and Helen by accident… we almost missed them!

How did we not know that our little town now has its very own chocolatiers?

And of course they have helpers to clean up after them too. After all what is a chocolate factory without taste testers?

Betty has the BEST job!

They welcomed us in with warm smiles and jokes and we right away felt at home in their spacious, brightly lit farmhouse, little bits and pieces of chocolate and its history everywhere – from cookbooks and tools, to the row of turmeric plants they want to experiment with.

We sat over steaming, made-from-scratch chai lattes, and chatted about the history of chocolate and all its wonder.


And while Helen cooled some chocolate and let us taste an experimental chai kind they’re trying out, Jon pulled out an ancient chocolate pot and told us all kinds of tidbits about the decadent cacao bean and how it was discovered.


Not a single boring second!

We sat spellbound, most of the time trying desperately not to drool, as Helen and Jon took us through their process, goofed around a bit with us,

chocolates-11and talked about their dreams in the future of growing their own cacao plants somewhere, and making chocolate straight from scratch with all kinds of natural ingredients to put in it.

The natural things
Helen showing us the cacao bean – we even got to taste one!

We can’t say enough about this lovely family and what they’re doing, and are so thankful for the opportunity to sit in their kitchen with them and taste the delicious chocolate they make.


Here is our interview with them:

Tiff: Tell us what inspired you to become Chocolatiers, and why you love it so much?

Helen: We’d rather enjoy a high quality bar of craft chocolate than a fine wine or fancy cheese (and that’s saying a lot). There’s so much flavour variation from different types of cacao and different growing regions. It’s such an enjoyable experience to let a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth and savour all those subtle differences. We studied chocolate and chocolate making while we were in Vancouver, and decided we wanted to start making our own.

Tiff: Tell us about your vision for Lucky Pheasant Chocolate and what kinds of things you have in the works now and in the future.

Helen: Right now we’re just getting started and working on trying out new flavours, but our ultimate plans are to open a bean to bar chocolate factory here in Grand Forks.

Tiff: Give us a glimpse into the history of chocolate and the cacao bean and how chocolate has come to be what we know today.

Helen: It’s a fascinating history – we could go on about it for ages! I mean, who was that first person to open up a cacao pod, remove the bitter beans from the sweet white pulp inside, and think ‘I bet I could roast and grind these into something delicious!’ mesoamerican people were the first to discover this way of processing the beans. Cacao was so valuable, it was even used as currency by the Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs. The Spaniards brought it back to Europe where it was consumed as something similar to hot chocolate, mostly by royalty. In 1847, Joseph Fry first developed the process known as tempering, which is basically how we got to the chocolate bars we know today.

Tiff: We’d love to know more about your family, and what a day in the life looks like?

Helen: Oh my goodness, mostly total chaos! We’ve got two very energetic little ones. Betty is almost five, and Charlie is 3 and a half, so they keep us very busy. It seems like almost every day is different. We started a small farm when we moved here in 2017, so we spend almost all of our summer days outside on the farm, or floating down the Kettle River. Winter is when we get to focus on our chocolate plans. Next year, we’ll put the farming on the back burner so we can dedicate more time to expanding.

Tiff: Why did you decide to live and set up your business here in GF?

Helen: There are so many things! We love the sense of community. It really feels like people here are looking out for each other. It’s also so unbelievably beautiful here.

Tiff: If someone wants to purchase some of your delicious bars of chocolate, where and how can they do that?

Helen: Right now they’re available at the Kettle Valley Food Co-op, and we’ll be hitting the farmer’s market circuit next year. We’re also on Facebook (The Lucky Pheasant), so we can be contacted that way too.

There you have it folks! We bid you all a merry Christmas, Grand Forks! If you are craving chocolate now, like we are, contact Jon and Helen! It truly is some of the best chocolate we’ve had – and we’ve had a lot!

To all the entrepreneurs we’ve met in town, thank you so much for allowing us to have a peek at your process! We know there are more of you out there as well that we couldn’t get to! Good job all of you for making our community as friendly and full of life as it is!

On the 10th day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…

We met Sandy Jo Lewis in her lovely, brightly lit pottery studio and gift shop attached to her house near Doukahbour Beach.


As we chatted, her hands were busy folding and kneading clay, finishing up some details on some pieces she’s ready to pop in the kiln for baking.

All around us were lovely and elegant dishes, mugs and even necklaces. She talked about her journey as an artist from watercolour and painting to working with clay, and how much delight she feels over using new textures and designs.


She’s been in Grand Forks for a while now, and her expertise shows in the gorgeous designs and colours she’s put together on her serving plates, the little details she spends hours perfecting, even the tiny bee you’ll find on the bottom or inside of what you buy as her signature.

Here is our interview with her:

Tiff: Tell us a little about you and what inspired you to start creating pottery?

Sandy Jo: I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing something. Drawing, painting, anything creative. But it was painting with watercolours that really set me on a more serious and confident path. I continued painting for the next 12 years while living on Gabriola Island. There was so much creativity on the Island, it was hard not to be involved in other art mediums. I belonged to a group called the Palette People, and after moving to Osoyoos hoped to join another such group. The Painters and Potters met in a building shared with the Art Gallery there. On a field trip with my sons class, I thought it a great time to do just that. Join another group! I became the newest member of the Osoyoos Potters Guild that day. 18 years later, still love getting my hands mucky.

Tiff: Do you have specific styles you love most when you are creating things? How would you describe your style and why do you love it most?

Sandy Jo: Hmmm. Most of my pieces are hand built, not thrown on the wheel, creating my technique. And even though I enjoy working on the wheel, I find hand building more creative, more satisfying. Then again if I put more time in on the wheel I may say the same thing about the wheel. If delicate is a style, I think that would be mine. And yes, I love how light my pottery feels in my hands. Incorporating my love for painting, this time using underglazes instead of watercolours, some of my pieces are adorned with birds, dragonflies, and maybe flowers – chickens even! I make my glazes and choose them for their versatility. I wanted glazes that not only compliment each other, but also go well with my hand painted pieces. And then there are the textures. The glazes, I think, are beautiful on their own. But, throw a texture or two in and it’s a brand new look! I love how you can take a piece of clay and turn it into art, functional art. The creative possibilities are endless and I love that if I break a mug or a bowl… I can go make another one.

Tiff: What are some of the different pieces that you typically make? What are your most loved pieces?

Sandy Jo: I like to make multi-functional pieces. Large, small, medium trays. Large fruit bowls or the tiny bowls. I really enjoy making my wee plates. I end up with a basket full of these different hand painted designs (most of which are only for the wee plates) and a magnitude of wee glazed plates. Kinda fun watching people search through them for that specific one. Mugs are a must! Again, big and small. Wine coolers, apple trays, utensil holders, spoon rests, plant pots, bird houses and feeders. Just to name a few. Making pendants for the first time this year… we’ll see how they go over.

Oh gosh. My most loved pieces?! That’s almost like asking which child I love more. They’re different, with different personalities. I love most of what I do because of the differences. Just when you think, “Im going to make another just like this,” It comes out slightly different, maybe more beautiful, maybe not. But even the imperfections are what make that piece perfect. Don’t get me wrong though, there are times I open the kiln and wonder what the heck I was thinking. I have my very first pieces in my home. Using them every day. I love them the most I guess. if I have to. Because they are where I started.

Tiff: How is pottery different from the dishes that we find at a big chain store like Home Outfitters?

Sandy Jo: Some years ago, before moving to Grand Forks, I had a table set up with my pottery for sale. A woman looking over my pieces, commented on a particular pot. “I can get this same thing at Walmart for half the price.” The first thing out of my mouth was that she was wrong, because I don’t supply Walmart with my pottery. I should have said nothing. It is true, you can find some lovely pieces in big chain stores like Home Outfitters. But they are usually shipped from somewhere overseas, and mass produced in factories. Potters, like myself, produce unique, original pieces made by hand in their studios. The time put in is priceless.

Tiff: Tell us why you’ve chosen to live and work in Grand Forks.

Sandy Jo: I was born and raised in Edmonton. I moved out to BC at the tender age of 23, where three years later I met my husband. We have been blessed to live in beautiful areas of BC. White Rock, Gabriola Island, Osoyoos, Summerland and now Grand Forks. For us, small town living is the ultimate. Some of these places were a bit hard to leave at first, because of what they offered, and their beauty. But Grand Forks has pretty much everything we have looked for in a small town. Coming home and rounding the corner as the valley opens up always makes me smile. Some of the friendliest people live here. The beauty, the rivers, Christina Lake, but mostly its the people we have met here, in our church and around the community. There is the pace of a small town. Its slower and easier to breathe (not counting the wildfires). It’s not for everyone, but since we’ve been here, my sister-in-law and her husband have moved here, my step daughter and her family, and good friends have also fallen in love with our little valley. Of course, nothing and nowhere is perfect, but this is our greener grass.

Tiff: What is your favourite part about living here in GF?

Sandy Jo: First, I love running into people I know. I can walk, or ride a bike pretty much everywhere here. Oh and you can’t forget the Grand Forks International. So much fun. I love that my family and friends love to come visit and float the river and experience our little town. Sometimes there is so much going on in this valley that you just can’t do it all. A good and bad thing. But location, location location. That’s a pretty great thing too.

Tiff: Please tell us how someone can purchase your work for themselves, or as a gift this Christmas

Sandy Jo: I work from my home. I have a studio I show from and work in. I don’t have regular hours, so the best thing is to phone first if you’re interested in coming in to take a peek. You can reach me at (250)442-5583. I’m also in the gift shop at the Art Gallery.

Stay tuned on Saturday for our next entrepreneur!

On the seventh day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you

Our very own little bohemian, April Ace.


She welcomed us into her cute little yoga studio and spa, The Little House of Bohemia, with a smile and a welcoming hello.

She’s set up a very cozy space, with soft lighting and small peaceful accents here and there where you can feel at home and relax into your own body and mind, letting go of all the busyness we get caught up in daily.

April’s offering a whole bunch of different yoga practices, everything from relaxation to strengthening.


She showed us one of her favourite yoga poses, and watching the grace of her movements in the quiet atmosphere she’s created makes you automatically relax. Around the corner she has a small spa room, where she can massage away your troubles, but mostly April is all about helping you connect your thoughts and your body, so you can reach a place where you’ll be at peace with who you are.


April is bringing a very unique experience to Grand Forks, where you can spend time on your yoga mat exploring your breathing habits, strengthening your body, enjoy a therapeutic massage, or even buy some biodegradable body glitter to brighten up your day.

Here’s our interview with April:

Tiff: What inspired you to become a yoga teacher? What is it about yoga that you love the most?

April: I was asked more and more often if I was a teacher, and where my classes were held. Even though my own practice helped me maintain and aid in alleviating the aches and pains that the stresses of the job brought about, after years of working in spas and the service industry, I knew I needed a career change. And yoga was the answer!

Tiff: Tell us about your studio, what are the things you offer?

April: The Little House of Bohemia – Studio and Spa, offers a Mecca for well-being. I am very pleased to be able to offer yoga 90 minute classes with a focus on alignment – I offer a dynamic yang-energy class twice a week for those who enjoy more a physical along with a mental challenge. I also offer a yin class twice week, alongside a yoga Nidra class. Yin is a slower paced class that is restorative, Nidra is a shorter, 30 minute class that induces a state of relaxation. Some find it meditative, while others use it as an opportunity to nap ;). My spa services currently offer pedicures, waxing, Thai-yoga and therapeutic oil massages. I am also thrilled to carry and use Whish and Glitterazzi. Along with these products I have local products featured in the studio space seasonally.

Tiff: What is your vision for Little House of Bohemia? How do you see it enhancing the community of Grand Forks?

April: Having grown up in Rock Creek, my family and I were very involved in farming and community events. I was very shy and insecure as a teenager, and like most individuals I developed “body-issues”. I knew food restriction was not the answer, and so in secret I found my mom’s yoga books she had from the 70s. This began my practice of yoga. Yoga has always been able to ease each of my transitions, has made me stronger in my body and mind, and has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would like to share and offer what yoga/mindfulness can offer each person who seeks refuge from whatever ails them. I know a small town can be difficult. I also know that cities and travel can be difficult too! My practice has always been there for me – and it can be there for you too!

Tiff: Why do you choose to live and work in Grand Forks?

April: I lived in Victoria for 13 years. After being a farm girl for most of my youth, I soon became drawn to the glamour of burlesque And even here I found that my yoga made me stronger as a performer. The ocean was beautiful, but as the years passed, I missed the warm and mountains of the boundary. And I missed my family. After much contemplation, I made the move last year, and am very happy to be reunited with my roots, friends and family!

Tiff: What is your favourite part of Grand Forks?

April: I love, love, love that Grand Forks feels like a made-for-tv movie! It is so picturesque and quaint and community based!

Tiff: How can people purchase your goods? If someone wants to purchase yoga classes or spa services for a friend, how can they do that?

April: Purchases can be made either in person/onsite or online at www.littleboho.ca or you can get a gift certificate too!

So wander on downtown to April’s space when you have a chance – buy your friends or family a massage, or a certificate to a class.

Stay tuned Monday for our next entrepreneur!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…

One very talented artist, Kayla Sebastian.


Why do we call her an artist rather than just a chef?

Because her food not only makes you salivate over every bite, it’s creative, colourful, and each plate or board is her palate where she keeps designing new things to entice us with.

Kayla is most definitely not a camera hog – and we could tell she was a little uncomfortable being in the spotlight. Her heart is really back behind the counter in her kitchen, creating her masterpieces, but she did graciously allow us to catch her behind the lens, so we can share with you all about how she’s been pouring her love of food and company into her bistro and bake shop, the Wooden Spoon.

This beautiful chef has a cool head on her shoulders, deals well with the chaos of a very busy kitchen, and was a delight to talk to. Though she was super busy she took the time to sit down and chat with us, and we had a lovely time talking about where her heart is.

So take a meander into her space when you can! It’s a beautiful, eclectic, and welcoming cornerstone of our little community. It’s a busy hub where people stream in and out of its doors day after day, meeting over coffee and lunch and all of Kayla’s masterpieces.


The walls are peppered with art from local artists, the lighting is cozy and modern, and everywhere you look is a mouthful of deliciousness you can’t wait to get inside your tummy!

The famous Wooden Spoon Wall

Where else can you get delicate china tea cups, alongside big fat mugs of every size and colour? The corners of Kayla’s bistro are filled with antiques and the shelves are overflowing with goodies.

Most of all the air is full of chatter and the sound of satisfied customers. The staff are cheerful and friendly and if you return, they will soon be calling you by name. What a great way to start out your day!

Kayla and front of house manager Alyce laughing over a cup of coffee.

Here is our interview with Kayla!

Tiff: Tell us what inspired you to start a bistro? Why do you love to create beautiful dishes and share them?

Kayla: I had never worked in a breakfast restaurant, and my experience in kitchens was predominantly dinner service, but on my days off or mornings off, I spent almost every day for over two years searching for the best breakfast spots to go and try! When my husband and I moved back from Australia, I quickly realized that Grand Forks was lacking a hub for breakfast. A building became available, and four weeks later the Spoon was open!

I’ve always been a creative person – the food industry is a perfect outlet to pursue an art talent in the kitchen. I love touching, smelling and playing with food. Creating new dishes fulfils that excitement and the customers constantly remind us how much they appreciate new, creative, and forever changing food!

Tiff:  Tell us what makes the Wooden Spoon such an integral part of Grand Forks? 

Kayla: I honestly don’t know the answer to that question! I think as an insider, I don’t know what makes us special, because we’re just doing a job that we happen to truly love. Maybe that’s what makes us special? It comes down to a vision, and to constantly come back to that, and remind ourselves ‘what can we do to make us better’, or put us a step ahead in the food industry to create a ‘want’ for people to come and dine. Grand Forks has always been special to me growing up, and I’m forever grateful to be able to feed people in this town that I looked up to as a child, or a favourite teacher or my best friends’ parents. It’s a feeling of accomplishment every day!

Tiff: We love visiting over a hot cup of coffee in the cold winter months, tell us what its like to be at the wooden Spoon during the Christmas season and what’s happening there (special food, drinks etc.)?

Kayla: The Christmas season is always pretty full on at the Spoon. The front side of the business always runs smooth and we get to enjoy the laughter of our locals while they dine with out of town family. The back of house is somewhat more chaotic, with us hustling around getting ready for dinner parties, and breakfast/lunch functions etc. In the month of December we have an event almost every day…some days two or three! We are doing a 12 days of Christmas deals this year! Something new every day!

Tiff: Why did you choose to live and work in Grand Forks? Tell us a bit about you and your family.

Kayla: Yay! Glad you asked! This week is super special for my husband and I! Lots of regulars know our little girl Avery, who happens to be turning two December 1st, and I am in such awe of her. Lessons I have learnt in life the last little while have not come from my idols, or entrepreneurs, they’ve come from a two year old, who has continually shown me to love out loud, be in the now, play and that work is not my number one love. It’s family. 12 days of Christmas deals starts with a deal from her, and it involved cookies!!

TJ and I moved back to our hometown June 2013, and we’ve managed to create a pretty perfect lifestyle in the valley. Grand Forks offers that amazing hometown feel, and when you make that corner coming down Spencer Hill, the feeling of home overwhelms you with comfort. You can’t get that anywhere else.

Tiff: What is your favourite part about living in GF?

Kayla: The perfect four seasons, the small town feel, and the people are pretty fantastic. I love how tight knit we seem to be, and everyone knows everyone.

Tiff: If someone wants to give a Wooden Spoon gift to someone on their Christmas list, what can they purchase and when?

Kayla: You can always call in, or come chat with the girls out front, and they can make a certificate up for you! We also have new Wooden Spoon shirts that just arrived yesterday for purchase, and new coffee beans from a local roaster in town! (Juggernaut Coffee!)

Head to the Wooden Spoon for a gift certificate this Christmas! Or buy some coffee and a t-shirt from them!

Stay tuned this Thursday for our next entrepreneur!

On the fifth day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…

…One little imp named Hailey Bekker.

photo cred: Graeme Bekker


She lives… get this… in a Geo-dome!

Up the North Fork and in the bush, surrounded by greenhouses and goats, one husband, a dog, and all things wild — it’s no wonder she started Lost and Found Flowers, a business about bringing the forest, and gardening, (both wild flowers and tame ones) with all their beauty into your home, your wedding, or your party table.



She’s busy right now creating Christmas wreathes of all shapes and sizes, of which she’s hand wound the vines and foraged herself for the supplies. She’s fearless with prickles and thorns, and full of talent when it comes to making those green and white and red wreathes look breath-taking on your front door!



But this past summer she did everything from decorating a fairytale wedding, playing the fairy for a birthday party, supplying parties with centre-pieces, putting together a giant floral design in Nelson with other gardeners and making flower crowns for sweet little girls at the farmer’s market.

A fairy crown for a fairytale wedding made by Hailey!

Here is our interview with Hailey!

Tiff: What inspired you to start arranging flowers, and what is your favourite part of what you do?

Hailey: Flowers have always held such a special place in my life, from when I was a little girl planting sweet peas with my dad to exploring the wild flowers of the forest in my backyard, and carrying in armloads of weeds onto my mom’s mantle place. It just seems natural that I started arranging them – and the more I did, the bigger, crafted and more creative they seemed to get. It has always been my hobby, my go-to thing, that brings me calmness and joy like no other. And now I get to call it my job!

The thing I love most is using the plants I have around me. There is an exciting challenge when working with seasonal flowers, in some ways tricky because it can be unpredictable, but it is such a gift every day to step outside and discover what is beautiful out there and bring it inside to share!

Tiff: Tell us about your business, Lost and Found Flowers. What types of services and arrangements do you have available?

Hailey: Lost and Found Flowers came about because I needed a creative outlet and an excuse to grow more flowers, in all honesty! You may have seen my husband and I with our veggies at the farmers markets with takeaway bouquets this last year, but that is just one of the many ways we can get flowers to you. We do any arrangements and events, big or small, anywhere around the Kootenays. We focus our designs on being both sustainable and beautiful, which means using all local product, no floral foam, and reusing wherever possible while maintaining a huge emphasis on quality and creativity. We love a challenge, so if you have a vision of a project in mind, we would love to try it. Some things we’ve done recently include making flower crowns at a birthday party, creating a living meadow for a wedding ceremony, decaying out a 20s themed party with peacock feathers and lush urns.

Tiff: Tell us a bit about who you are, what is something most people don’t know about you?

Hailey: I am the head designer and the one who does all the scheming and arranging to pull event days off. But it is a serious team effort with my husband Graeme helping to keep this ship afloat with his building skills, encouragement and second set of hands. Speaking of ships – you may not know, but we lived on a sail boat, Totem, on the west coast. We still have an affinity for living in unique places, because our current home is a Geodome (think giant soccer ball) inside of a greenhouse. Living off grid has really changed my views on sustainability and makes being eco friendly a high priority in all my work. It also often stretches one’s creativity and ability to think outside the box – literally!

Tiff: Why have you chosen to live in Grand Forks?

Hailey: I sometimes think Grand Forks chose us. It was never on my radar to move to a small town like this, but almost two years ago a combination of offers and life changes seemed to land us here. We were ready to get off the water and begin a new life on land and learn new skills, be closer to family – and we don’t want to go back to the prairies, so here we are!

Tiff: What’s your favourite part about Grand Forks?

Hailey: One of the biggest draws of being here is having land available for us to grow on so we can learn the art of small scale farming our flowers and vegetables, and having a place to call home where we can live our dreams out so they aren’t just dreams (like starting a floral design business!). The small town vibe of Grand Forks has been such an interesting transition for myself, and having a business where I get to meet people by bringing them joy and beauty has been such a great way to meet people. One of my favourite things in life is handing people something I worked hard to make, whether it’s cookies, a carrot, or most especially flowers.

Tiff: If someone wants to purchase one of your creations to adorn their home this Christmas, how can they go about doing that? Can people purchase gift cards for those on their Christmas list from you?

Hailey: Find me on November 30 (at the Kettle Valley Food Co-op) and Nov 30 – Dec 1 (at the gallery 2) at the local craft markets with a wide assortment of original Christmas wreathes ready to take home and invite the season in.

You can also place custom orders online by connecting with me via email haileybekker@gmail.com or on our website thegfdiggers@gmail.com or find us on instagram where you can see loads of beautiful pictures to brighten your days. (@lostandfoundflowers) and last but not least, good old Facebook (Lost and Found Flowers).

Want to gift someone but can’t decide what they’d like? Come find me at one of the markets to purchase a gift certificate that can be used at any time throughout this year.


So think about your Christmas decorations – the Christmas you want to bring to your tables, to your door, maybe a wreath for a friend when you go out shopping – and contact Hailey!

Stay tuned on Monday for our next entrepreneur!!

On the first day of Christmas, Grand Forks gave to you…

Looking for a little slice of joy? Maybe the perfect gift is something a loved one can put on their wall to brighten up the room – or a card you want to send to a faraway friend – or even a fridge magnet. If so we have just what you need…



Meet Shannon Thorpe Frederick, friendly little thing and painter extraordinare. She works out of her own cozy cabin in the woods, dubbed Willow Studio, and welcomed us in, wearing her famous paint sweater, to where she creates her masterpieces.


Willow Studio can also be recognized part time as Shannon’s kitchen, a cozy little space cluttered with colour and the glow of old wood. Shannon’s paintings hang everywhere, brightening up the walls and filling up all the nooks and crannies.


As we sat, and Shannon fiddled with a tiny brush on some of the details she hadn’t quite finished, we talked about some of the things she loves, and below you can find our interview with her.


Tiff: Tell us what inspired you to start painting?

Shannon:  I’ve always been an artistic person and dabbled in painting, but after having my daughters, I found I really craved creativity. It seemed to balance me out as a person again after both of my pregnancies. In a sense when you gain becoming a mother, you loose a part of the person you were before. Painting kept my identity and my sanity.


Tiff: Why did you choose Grand Forks, and what is your favourite part of living here?

Shannon: We kind of just ended up here, and we’re so grateful we did. Between the rivers and lake and awesome climate, we think it’s a pretty great place to live.


Tiff: What style of painting do you enjoy most? Can you describe it?

Shannon: I love painting with acrylics, I find they are so diverse, whether you are mixing with gels or breaking them down with water, they can do almost anything…


Tiff: You lead children’s paint nights on top of creating your own stuff – what’s your advice for young, aspiring artists?

Shannon: The thing I love most about working with kids is their total lack of inhibitions. Most often they are pretty pleased with just about every brush stroke they paint. Teaching adults is fun too, but they don’t seem to have the same personal freedom that kids do. So advice for aspiring artists? Let it go – just try. Don’t stress, because really – what’s the worst that can happen?


Tiff: If someone would like to purchase one of your pieces, where can they do that?

Shannon: I’m working with a designer to create a webpage, so until its finished, my facebook page (Shannon Thorpe paintings) is a pretty easy way to see my work and products, but I am also in a few places in town. You can find my stuff at The Thyme and Plate, The Wooden Spoon, The GF Art Gallery, Arts 2 at Christina Lake and the Deadwood Junction.



So we’ll just leave you with that to ponder. Shannon’s painting are vivid and bright and full of the joy that just shimmers around her grin. Maybe this Christmas they’re just what you need!

Stay tuned for our second entrepreneur this coming Monday…



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