On the third day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…

We give you… Vanessa Heerschop.


Saucy, hardworking little bee who’s set up a Crossfit gym right down town. She’s designed a space where you will feel welcomed and safe as you improve your own beautiful self. Vanessa will be there to guide you as you try out new things and work your body into a strong and healthy machine.

She hasn’t always been all muscle and toned the way she is today, she’s had to work her way up, and she knows all about what it feels like to think you’ll never get there.

As a young mom and nurse, she’s experienced the intimidation of walking into a gym where you instantly feel the weight of a whole lot of eyeballs looking your way. In her space there will be no judgement. NIL. Only a team to cheer you on as you try out new and fun workouts.gfshoplocal-2

It might look a little crazy, you might feel a little anxious… but I promise you it’ll be fun and friendly — you’ll leave feeling supported and strong with new friends to encourage you in our community.


What are those boxes, balls, kettle-bells and rings you say? Why just some toys you get to play with as you work!

Here’s our little chat with Vanessa:

Tiff: Tell us how you became passionate about health and fitness.

Vanessa: I’ve always been active, but really fell in love with group fitness and CrossFit while on maternity leave with my daughter. Belonging to a community that encouraged and supported me was pivotal for my physical and mental health during a time that could have been very isolating. In addition, as a Registered Nurse I believe in the power of healing ourselves with physical activity and lifestyle in addition to or sometimes in place of medication or other medical management. Hearing people say they are no longer experiencing pain is one of the many joys I get out of my job.

What is CrossFit?

Vanessa: The million dollar question! Essentially it’s a coach-led group fitness class that is different every day. The movements performed in CrossFit workouts are ‘functional’ which means they help us move better in our daily lives as well. It’s completely adaptable and scalable so everyone of every ability can get a good workout.

Tell us about your vision for Humble Fit Collective?

Vanessa: Humble Fit Collective is intended to be a place where people, who may have previously felt intimidated or scared of gyms can feel safe and comfortable working out. I believe that feeling physically strong and capable helps us feel better about ourselves and in turn fosters our ability to be better partners, parents, and community members. My hope is that by reducing fear and other potential barriers, Humble Fit Collective can be a place people can access more easily so they can reap those rewards of physical activity and be the best version of themselves.

What type of person should do CrossFit? Any advice for someone who is unsure whether they can do it or will like it?

Vanessa: All you need to participate in CrossFit is a good attitude. We welcome anyone and everyone. You will always have a coach leading you and teaching you every movement. They can also always adapt and change movements depending on injuries, mobility concerns or other potential limitations. My best advice would be to try it! Most people find themselves pretty hooked once they do. It’s more than a workout, it’s an hour spent with people who become your cheering squad, your inspiration and your community.

What can someone expect when they become a member of Humble Fit? Do you offer other classes than CrossFit?

Vanessa: We currently offer CrossFit classes 5-6 times a day, 5 days a week. In addition we offer yoga of differing styles which is include in membership. On Saturdays we run a community class that is different each week. Sometimes its CrossFit, sometimes a group run or hike, sometimes yoga, or even nutritional seminars, all also include in a membership.

If someone wants to join or purchase a pass for someone else as a gift, how can they go about that? 

Vanessa: passes and gift certificates can be purchased online via the following link: https://humble-fit-collective-studio.triib.com/buy-gift-certificate/ or stopping into the gym weekdays 10am-12pm or 4:30pm-6:30pm

Tell us a bit about you and why you’ve chosen to live in Grand Forks.

I’m originally from Kelowna, BC. but have been living in Alberta for the last 5 years with my Lethbridge born husband. We welcomed our daughter Navy into the world 3 years ago and decided we wanted to raise her somewhere smaller, and where she could be outside comfortably and safely most months of the year. We chose Grand Forks as our close friends relocated here 3 years ago and we wanted to be able to raise our family alongside them and theirs.

What is your favourite part about living in GF?

There’s too much to list! I love the community. I love walking down the street and knowing half the people I run into. Everyone is down to earth and welcoming. I love that we can be anywhere really in under 10 minutes. I love being back in the mountains, I love the entrepreneurial spirit here, the amazing group of mothers I’ve gotten to know. We’ve only been here since June, yet we have a support system that feels as thought it’s been in place for years.

So we’ll leave you with that – if you’re curious, go and have a chat with Vanessa, or check out Humble Fit Collective online. Maybe you have a friend looking for a new challenge, a new work out or a fresh start – maybe you want to buy a trial pass for yourself! It might be an unconventional gift, but it’s a good one!

Stay tuned this Monday for our next entrepreneur!

To scare away the bugs

Ew, Lice. Is there anything worse?

My little girl just started kindergarten, and while I’m thrilled at her chance to learn and grow and make new friends, I was NOT so thrilled at the letter I received that lice had been found in her class. Are you scratching your head yet? Cuz I have been – just at the thought of those nasty little things crawling all over my baby’s head!

What’s worse is that those little buggers have built up a resistance to the chemical treatments (such as anticholinesterase), which means once you use that awful smelling, itchy, scalp burning stuff on your babies hair you might not actually get rid of them all – it might not kill all the bugs and you find yourself having to retreat your children again and again! Ugh.

So what do we do when the bugs are out in force?

We get out our tools! Tea tree, lavender and rosemary oils, and wonderful natural soaps. (not to mention the fun little bottles of different shapes and sizes).


Did you know that tea tree oil (a natural product from the tea tree plant) has been found more effective than DEET or lavender in preventing lice?

Did you know that lice hate the smell of it?

It won’t kill those little suckers once they’re already there, but it WILL keep them from setting up shop in the first place. And when you mix it with scents of lavender and rosemary, it becomes a beautifully fresh natural shampoo or spray. (Both of which Kettle River Bath and Body provides).

Thank goodness we know how to make it!


If you can’t find your way to a natural spray or shampoo, all it takes is a few drops added to your laundry detergent and, voilà! You have yourself a fresh smelling lice deterrent.


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