On the 13th day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…

Meet Jason and Sofi.



They’ve recently moved to town and are the proud facilitators of the Travelling Rainbow Market we’ve added to Grand Forks this past summer. You can tell by their hand knit outfits that they’re people of the land and full of passion for all things natural. They’re all about family and that’s what we want Grand Forks to be all about too!


Not only are they out and about setting up markets that sell fresh local produce and local products, they also are busy little bees making beautifully unique candles, and all things leather, including wallets and bracelets, belt buckles and rings.

They’re not so hard to find, and you can find them setting up their booth at most craft markets in our area, so look them up!


Here is our interview with them!

Tiff: Tell us what inspired you to make and sell the goods that you do?

Jason: Our main motto is “Made through us, not by us.” Meaning our creative process is done through us, giving homage to the Creator as we are a part of creation. We’re also inspired by the idea of creating something that makes someone else happy. And that’s what it brings it all back to, spreading the love and happiness.

Tiff: We know you’ve been very intentional about your lifestyle for your family. Tell us how that came to fruition and why its important to you.

Jason: Growing up in the city, watching our parents going day in and day out, with only the illusion of achieving something, but working hard for 40+ hours a week, and making someone else richer. In this life, all we really have is time. Time is our only true currency, how are we spending it?

For us, working at something you don’t enjoy is not satisfying for the soul or physical body. So, living a simpler lifestyle and taking care of basics, you enjoy and appreciate the luxuries in life as they are presented to you. Spending time as a family is most important to us and with entrepreneurship, we get that opportunity, to be together more often than if we were working a 9-5.

With living an ‘alternative lifestyle’ or what we like to call it, a ‘simple’ lifestyle, we have also had the ability to travel and live life in multiple locations around the earth. In our travels we have met some of the most interesting people, talented artisans, and have experienced some wonderful situations.

Tiff: Give us a peek into the work involved in preparing your goods for sale?

Sofi: We have no set schedule, that’s the beauty of creating art. Some days we multi task, doing multiple projects, or some days we dedicate a whole day to one task.

Tiff: Why did you choose Grand Forks to live?

Sofi: When we decided to leave our jobs in Toronto, I worked in the corporate financial industry and Jason worked as a carpenter downtown. With only faith, we set out to travel west. We left our home in Toronto, sold most of our belongings with no initial plans, just a dream to give birth to our daughter on Salt Spring Island. On travelling through Canada, we were referred by a friend of a lady that lived on the mountain, to a small town of Grand Forks. We stayed here for a few weeks and fell in love with this little town. But at the time we continued our journey to the coast and had our baby on Salt Spring as planned. Through opportunity, we returned later to GF. We love the mountains, being close to nature, a huge contrast from living in the big city of downtown Toronto.

“I choose a community of trees over a community of buildings. And I know I don’t see this alone.” – Nakho Bear.

Tiff: What is your favourite part about living in GF?

Sofi: For us, not only is it being close to nature, but also the people we’ve met. Being social people, it’s important for us to create relationships with people. Its a quirky town, but it’s got some really good people here.

Tiff: If someone would like to purchase any of the items that you make, where can they find you?

Jason: You can catch us on the market circuit here in the Boundary, including the Travelling Rainbow Market Indoor Pop-ups events. You can also find us on our social media outlets, under Great Spirit Designs – we’re on instagram and facebook, as well as


We are also super excited to announce that we will be offering different craft workshops at Kettle River Crafts. Here is a list of a few workshops we will be hosting:

tie dye,

leather bracelets,

moccasin making,

soy candle making as well as a series of workshops called “Brojects”


So, go get your last minute gifts or stocking stuffers through Jason and Sofi! And stay tuned people! ONE MORE POST!! Our GRANDE FINALE coming up next!! Don’t miss it!

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