On the 11th day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…

Meet ranch girl and firecracker, Rebekah Tebrinke.


She’s all about home on the range, chasing cows, and raising her kids right,

but in-between those things dear to her heart, she’s also running two businesses! She’s full of welcome to those who might pop in to visit PV Ranch Getaway (three little guest cabins on the river at the ranch).

The Second Cabin – plenty of space!

She’s all about doing business right and efficiently, and you can find almost anything you need for a party from PV Ranch Party Rentals. Or you can put the two together and find yourself the perfect venue for a wedding, reunion or party!


If you’re looking for some peace, or some beauty, the cabins are cute and cozy and nestled back against the Granby River, just far enough out of town to feel like you’re getting away from it all. Each one has its own name carved out of wood by master carver Ray Hughes.

The view from the cabins in spring

The PV Party Rentals business carries everything from elegant white tents, to chairs and tables and dishes – even tent heaters and twinkly lights! All of it is kept in tip top shape, and managed by both Rebekah and her mom Gwen Pauls.

Becky checking lights for rental

Here is our interview with Becky:

Tiff: Tell us what PV Ranch Getaway is all about? What types of services do you offer?

Becky: PV Ranch Getaway is made up of three cabins, a few RV sites and a big beautiful area right on the Granby River, in the middle of a working cattle ranch. It is a place for you to vacation, whether if it’s for a week or one night, to enjoy solitude, the river, the cows, or the mountains. I also run a party rental company, PV Ranch Party Rentals, with everything from tents to tables, dishes and linens, making the cabin area the perfect venue for weddings or family reunions. If you book both of our businesses we give you a discount on the party rental items!

Tiff: What inspired you and your family to start sharing your ranch with other people in the ways that you do?

Becky: When my grandparents started the ranch, they became part of a ‘family ranch vacation’ program, where families could sign up and come stay in the home and experience ranch life. I always thought it was such a cool idea, as I love living on a ranch, and even more than that, I love sharing it with others, watching them learn, or experience things they don’t normally get to in their day to day life.

Tiff: What are your favourite winter/Christmas activities to enjoy at the ranch, that guests can enjoy too?

Becky: Winter is NOT my favourite time of year, but I love Christmas time! My favourite will always be when family comes to visit. We love to pack all the kids up and adventure out to the back property in search of the perfect Christmas tree! The trip always includes a truck pulling sleds, and lots of snow fights! I also love going out and doing regular chores all together, it gives a new joy and fun to the mundane kind of chore, like feeding the cows and checking the calves.

Christmas isn’t just a day for me, its the season, everyone feels in the holiday mood during the whole of December. I am blessed beyond belief with my life on the ranch, and now it is so exciting being able to have guests come and experience whatever they can.

Tiff: I know you were born and raised in this beautiful area, however, why did you decide to stay and raise your family here too?

Becky: It was always my dream growing up to be able to stay on the ranch and raise my own little family here. I was so excited when my husband was on board and we had the opportunity to move into my grandparents original farmhouse. I love that my kids are able to experience the same things I did as a child, from the chores to the open spaces and learning how to drive a tractor. Most important is being able to raise them with family surrounding me and them.

Tiff: What is your favourite part about living in Grand Forks?

Becky: I absolutely love living in GF! I love being able to walk into any store or down any street and more than likely running into someone I can say hello to! I love the small town feel that even when you don’t really know someone, there is usually always a smile and a hello anyways. I love knowing the history, learning new things that even growing up here have taken me forever to learn, and meeting newcomers to the area that love it as much as I do. Christmas time just adds a little extra feel and love to it all, and families coming home for the holidays allows me to catch up with old friends. Every year so far we have had families rent our cabins to have a special ranch holiday! I love seeing the cabins lit up with lights, and kids running around loving the snow and sledding, the cows and horses, the hot tub and stars.

Tiff: If someone wants to book a stay in one of your cabins how can they do that? What are some ways that a person could gift a PV Ranch business to a friend or family member?

Becky: We love having locals come up to stay for a night here or there, or have their visiting family members stay with us. To book with us just send me an email at pvranchgetaway@gmail.com, or give me a call! If you are unsure, we always have time for you to drive up and take a personal tour through the cabins. Trust me, once you step inside and experience the cozy feel of them you will want to book a night! You can find us on Facebook at PV Ranch Getaway, or look up our website at www.pvranchgetaway.com. My phone number to book a cabin or party rental item is (250) 442-5525.

So go book yourself or a family member a stay! It’ll be worth it!

Stay tuned for our next entrepreneur!

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