On the eighth day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you

Buttons and Ribbons and Bows, oh my! Meet our classy craft store owner, Melanie Leslie and her beautiful helper Sydney.


Together they’ve created a beautiful and well organized space, where every type of scrapbooking tool and craft you can imagine has its place and sits in it so prettily.


Several items of their own designs are displayed tastefully throughout the room and there’s plenty of space for you to browse about the cute little tables and desks.


We had a lovely chat with Melanie while Sydney took the time to entertain the littlest one of our crew. They were busy colouring while Melanie showed us some of her handmade Christmas cards and talked about the excitement she feels at contributing to our community, the welcome she’s gotten at moving from a bustling city to small town.


Kettle River Crafts doesn’t just offer you supplies – but also all kinds of events! Every kind of thing from classes and birthday parties for kids to adult scrapbooking days or do it yourself time. If you have a chance take yourself down to their store to check out their calendar full of fun things to be part of.

Here’s our interview with Melanie:

Tiff: Tell us a bit about how you became passionate about all things crafting?

Melanie: I think I have always loved paper, glitter, stickers and things like that. I think I was 9 when I was shown a rubber stamp for the first time. A lady at a rubber stamp store in Coombs, BC stamped a unicorn stamp into a rainbow ink pad and embossed it with glitter! Need I say more?

Tiff: We know the Kettle River Crafts is brand new to Grand Forks, so please explain the vision for your space and what types of things you have available in your store?

Melanie: I wanted to create a store that was interesting to look at overall. Shopping is an experience for me and I love to see, touch, and try things. My favourite kind of store is one where you see something different each time you walk through it. We sell primarily paper crafting supplies, but work with many suppliers, so can usually get you special orders as well. I also have a real love for decorating and home decor, so you never know what neat pieces you may find. We order in small amounts though, so make sure you pick it up when you see something you like!

Tiff: What are some unique gifts that folks can find at your store? Can classes be pre-purchased as a gift?

Melanie: Our gift items change all the time! Right now we have cute decor pieces like lanterns and wall art and some beautiful stationary sets. You can also purchase a gift certificate that can be used for classes as well as merchandise.

Tiff: Tell us why you’ve chosen to live and set up shop here in Grand Forks?

Melanie: We were looking for a more affordable, quieter alternative to the Okanagan, and stumbled on Grand Forks. We fell in love with the city on our first trip! Having only been here a few months, I was already missing my crafty friends back home and figured the easiest way to find that connection here was to open a store!

Tiff: What is your favourite part about living in Grand Forks?

Melanie: That’s hard to pick a favourite! We love the lake, the rivers, the people, the small town vibe…. oh and the cost of real estate!

Tiff: What are your store hours?

Melanie: We are open Tuesday-Saturday 10-6pm with an extra hour on Fridays. Stop by and check us out or chat with us about your crafty projects. Like us on Facebook to see new classes and products first, and you can also drop in and craft in our space any time there isn’t a class booked.

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