On the seventh day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you

Our very own little bohemian, April Ace.


She welcomed us into her cute little yoga studio and spa, The Little House of Bohemia, with a smile and a welcoming hello.

She’s set up a very cozy space, with soft lighting and small peaceful accents here and there where you can feel at home and relax into your own body and mind, letting go of all the busyness we get caught up in daily.

April’s offering a whole bunch of different yoga practices, everything from relaxation to strengthening.


She showed us one of her favourite yoga poses, and watching the grace of her movements in the quiet atmosphere she’s created makes you automatically relax. Around the corner she has a small spa room, where she can massage away your troubles, but mostly April is all about helping you connect your thoughts and your body, so you can reach a place where you’ll be at peace with who you are.


April is bringing a very unique experience to Grand Forks, where you can spend time on your yoga mat exploring your breathing habits, strengthening your body, enjoy a therapeutic massage, or even buy some biodegradable body glitter to brighten up your day.

Here’s our interview with April:

Tiff: What inspired you to become a yoga teacher? What is it about yoga that you love the most?

April: I was asked more and more often if I was a teacher, and where my classes were held. Even though my own practice helped me maintain and aid in alleviating the aches and pains that the stresses of the job brought about, after years of working in spas and the service industry, I knew I needed a career change. And yoga was the answer!

Tiff: Tell us about your studio, what are the things you offer?

April: The Little House of Bohemia – Studio and Spa, offers a Mecca for well-being. I am very pleased to be able to offer yoga 90 minute classes with a focus on alignment – I offer a dynamic yang-energy class twice a week for those who enjoy more a physical along with a mental challenge. I also offer a yin class twice week, alongside a yoga Nidra class. Yin is a slower paced class that is restorative, Nidra is a shorter, 30 minute class that induces a state of relaxation. Some find it meditative, while others use it as an opportunity to nap ;). My spa services currently offer pedicures, waxing, Thai-yoga and therapeutic oil massages. I am also thrilled to carry and use Whish and Glitterazzi. Along with these products I have local products featured in the studio space seasonally.

Tiff: What is your vision for Little House of Bohemia? How do you see it enhancing the community of Grand Forks?

April: Having grown up in Rock Creek, my family and I were very involved in farming and community events. I was very shy and insecure as a teenager, and like most individuals I developed “body-issues”. I knew food restriction was not the answer, and so in secret I found my mom’s yoga books she had from the 70s. This began my practice of yoga. Yoga has always been able to ease each of my transitions, has made me stronger in my body and mind, and has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would like to share and offer what yoga/mindfulness can offer each person who seeks refuge from whatever ails them. I know a small town can be difficult. I also know that cities and travel can be difficult too! My practice has always been there for me – and it can be there for you too!

Tiff: Why do you choose to live and work in Grand Forks?

April: I lived in Victoria for 13 years. After being a farm girl for most of my youth, I soon became drawn to the glamour of burlesque And even here I found that my yoga made me stronger as a performer. The ocean was beautiful, but as the years passed, I missed the warm and mountains of the boundary. And I missed my family. After much contemplation, I made the move last year, and am very happy to be reunited with my roots, friends and family!

Tiff: What is your favourite part of Grand Forks?

April: I love, love, love that Grand Forks feels like a made-for-tv movie! It is so picturesque and quaint and community based!

Tiff: How can people purchase your goods? If someone wants to purchase yoga classes or spa services for a friend, how can they do that?

April: Purchases can be made either in person/onsite or online at www.littleboho.ca or you can get a gift certificate too!

So wander on downtown to April’s space when you have a chance – buy your friends or family a massage, or a certificate to a class.

Stay tuned Monday for our next entrepreneur!

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