On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…

One very talented artist, Kayla Sebastian.


Why do we call her an artist rather than just a chef?

Because her food not only makes you salivate over every bite, it’s creative, colourful, and each plate or board is her palate where she keeps designing new things to entice us with.

Kayla is most definitely not a camera hog – and we could tell she was a little uncomfortable being in the spotlight. Her heart is really back behind the counter in her kitchen, creating her masterpieces, but she did graciously allow us to catch her behind the lens, so we can share with you all about how she’s been pouring her love of food and company into her bistro and bake shop, the Wooden Spoon.

This beautiful chef has a cool head on her shoulders, deals well with the chaos of a very busy kitchen, and was a delight to talk to. Though she was super busy she took the time to sit down and chat with us, and we had a lovely time talking about where her heart is.

So take a meander into her space when you can! It’s a beautiful, eclectic, and welcoming cornerstone of our little community. It’s a busy hub where people stream in and out of its doors day after day, meeting over coffee and lunch and all of Kayla’s masterpieces.


The walls are peppered with art from local artists, the lighting is cozy and modern, and everywhere you look is a mouthful of deliciousness you can’t wait to get inside your tummy!

The famous Wooden Spoon Wall

Where else can you get delicate china tea cups, alongside big fat mugs of every size and colour? The corners of Kayla’s bistro are filled with antiques and the shelves are overflowing with goodies.

Most of all the air is full of chatter and the sound of satisfied customers. The staff are cheerful and friendly and if you return, they will soon be calling you by name. What a great way to start out your day!

Kayla and front of house manager Alyce laughing over a cup of coffee.

Here is our interview with Kayla!

Tiff: Tell us what inspired you to start a bistro? Why do you love to create beautiful dishes and share them?

Kayla: I had never worked in a breakfast restaurant, and my experience in kitchens was predominantly dinner service, but on my days off or mornings off, I spent almost every day for over two years searching for the best breakfast spots to go and try! When my husband and I moved back from Australia, I quickly realized that Grand Forks was lacking a hub for breakfast. A building became available, and four weeks later the Spoon was open!

I’ve always been a creative person – the food industry is a perfect outlet to pursue an art talent in the kitchen. I love touching, smelling and playing with food. Creating new dishes fulfils that excitement and the customers constantly remind us how much they appreciate new, creative, and forever changing food!

Tiff:  Tell us what makes the Wooden Spoon such an integral part of Grand Forks? 

Kayla: I honestly don’t know the answer to that question! I think as an insider, I don’t know what makes us special, because we’re just doing a job that we happen to truly love. Maybe that’s what makes us special? It comes down to a vision, and to constantly come back to that, and remind ourselves ‘what can we do to make us better’, or put us a step ahead in the food industry to create a ‘want’ for people to come and dine. Grand Forks has always been special to me growing up, and I’m forever grateful to be able to feed people in this town that I looked up to as a child, or a favourite teacher or my best friends’ parents. It’s a feeling of accomplishment every day!

Tiff: We love visiting over a hot cup of coffee in the cold winter months, tell us what its like to be at the wooden Spoon during the Christmas season and what’s happening there (special food, drinks etc.)?

Kayla: The Christmas season is always pretty full on at the Spoon. The front side of the business always runs smooth and we get to enjoy the laughter of our locals while they dine with out of town family. The back of house is somewhat more chaotic, with us hustling around getting ready for dinner parties, and breakfast/lunch functions etc. In the month of December we have an event almost every day…some days two or three! We are doing a 12 days of Christmas deals this year! Something new every day!

Tiff: Why did you choose to live and work in Grand Forks? Tell us a bit about you and your family.

Kayla: Yay! Glad you asked! This week is super special for my husband and I! Lots of regulars know our little girl Avery, who happens to be turning two December 1st, and I am in such awe of her. Lessons I have learnt in life the last little while have not come from my idols, or entrepreneurs, they’ve come from a two year old, who has continually shown me to love out loud, be in the now, play and that work is not my number one love. It’s family. 12 days of Christmas deals starts with a deal from her, and it involved cookies!!

TJ and I moved back to our hometown June 2013, and we’ve managed to create a pretty perfect lifestyle in the valley. Grand Forks offers that amazing hometown feel, and when you make that corner coming down Spencer Hill, the feeling of home overwhelms you with comfort. You can’t get that anywhere else.

Tiff: What is your favourite part about living in GF?

Kayla: The perfect four seasons, the small town feel, and the people are pretty fantastic. I love how tight knit we seem to be, and everyone knows everyone.

Tiff: If someone wants to give a Wooden Spoon gift to someone on their Christmas list, what can they purchase and when?

Kayla: You can always call in, or come chat with the girls out front, and they can make a certificate up for you! We also have new Wooden Spoon shirts that just arrived yesterday for purchase, and new coffee beans from a local roaster in town! (Juggernaut Coffee!)

Head to the Wooden Spoon for a gift certificate this Christmas! Or buy some coffee and a t-shirt from them!

Stay tuned this Thursday for our next entrepreneur!

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