On the fifth day of Christmas, Grand Forks gives to you…

…One little imp named Hailey Bekker.

photo cred: Graeme Bekker


She lives… get this… in a Geo-dome!

Up the North Fork and in the bush, surrounded by greenhouses and goats, one husband, a dog, and all things wild — it’s no wonder she started Lost and Found Flowers, a business about bringing the forest, and gardening, (both wild flowers and tame ones) with all their beauty into your home, your wedding, or your party table.



She’s busy right now creating Christmas wreathes of all shapes and sizes, of which she’s hand wound the vines and foraged herself for the supplies. She’s fearless with prickles and thorns, and full of talent when it comes to making those green and white and red wreathes look breath-taking on your front door!



But this past summer she did everything from decorating a fairytale wedding, playing the fairy for a birthday party, supplying parties with centre-pieces, putting together a giant floral design in Nelson with other gardeners and making flower crowns for sweet little girls at the farmer’s market.

A fairy crown for a fairytale wedding made by Hailey!

Here is our interview with Hailey!

Tiff: What inspired you to start arranging flowers, and what is your favourite part of what you do?

Hailey: Flowers have always held such a special place in my life, from when I was a little girl planting sweet peas with my dad to exploring the wild flowers of the forest in my backyard, and carrying in armloads of weeds onto my mom’s mantle place. It just seems natural that I started arranging them – and the more I did, the bigger, crafted and more creative they seemed to get. It has always been my hobby, my go-to thing, that brings me calmness and joy like no other. And now I get to call it my job!

The thing I love most is using the plants I have around me. There is an exciting challenge when working with seasonal flowers, in some ways tricky because it can be unpredictable, but it is such a gift every day to step outside and discover what is beautiful out there and bring it inside to share!

Tiff: Tell us about your business, Lost and Found Flowers. What types of services and arrangements do you have available?

Hailey: Lost and Found Flowers came about because I needed a creative outlet and an excuse to grow more flowers, in all honesty! You may have seen my husband and I with our veggies at the farmers markets with takeaway bouquets this last year, but that is just one of the many ways we can get flowers to you. We do any arrangements and events, big or small, anywhere around the Kootenays. We focus our designs on being both sustainable and beautiful, which means using all local product, no floral foam, and reusing wherever possible while maintaining a huge emphasis on quality and creativity. We love a challenge, so if you have a vision of a project in mind, we would love to try it. Some things we’ve done recently include making flower crowns at a birthday party, creating a living meadow for a wedding ceremony, decaying out a 20s themed party with peacock feathers and lush urns.

Tiff: Tell us a bit about who you are, what is something most people don’t know about you?

Hailey: I am the head designer and the one who does all the scheming and arranging to pull event days off. But it is a serious team effort with my husband Graeme helping to keep this ship afloat with his building skills, encouragement and second set of hands. Speaking of ships – you may not know, but we lived on a sail boat, Totem, on the west coast. We still have an affinity for living in unique places, because our current home is a Geodome (think giant soccer ball) inside of a greenhouse. Living off grid has really changed my views on sustainability and makes being eco friendly a high priority in all my work. It also often stretches one’s creativity and ability to think outside the box – literally!

Tiff: Why have you chosen to live in Grand Forks?

Hailey: I sometimes think Grand Forks chose us. It was never on my radar to move to a small town like this, but almost two years ago a combination of offers and life changes seemed to land us here. We were ready to get off the water and begin a new life on land and learn new skills, be closer to family – and we don’t want to go back to the prairies, so here we are!

Tiff: What’s your favourite part about Grand Forks?

Hailey: One of the biggest draws of being here is having land available for us to grow on so we can learn the art of small scale farming our flowers and vegetables, and having a place to call home where we can live our dreams out so they aren’t just dreams (like starting a floral design business!). The small town vibe of Grand Forks has been such an interesting transition for myself, and having a business where I get to meet people by bringing them joy and beauty has been such a great way to meet people. One of my favourite things in life is handing people something I worked hard to make, whether it’s cookies, a carrot, or most especially flowers.

Tiff: If someone wants to purchase one of your creations to adorn their home this Christmas, how can they go about doing that? Can people purchase gift cards for those on their Christmas list from you?

Hailey: Find me on November 30 (at the Kettle Valley Food Co-op) and Nov 30 – Dec 1 (at the gallery 2) at the local craft markets with a wide assortment of original Christmas wreathes ready to take home and invite the season in.

You can also place custom orders online by connecting with me via email haileybekker@gmail.com or on our website thegfdiggers@gmail.com or find us on instagram where you can see loads of beautiful pictures to brighten your days. (@lostandfoundflowers) and last but not least, good old Facebook (Lost and Found Flowers).

Want to gift someone but can’t decide what they’d like? Come find me at one of the markets to purchase a gift certificate that can be used at any time throughout this year.


So think about your Christmas decorations – the Christmas you want to bring to your tables, to your door, maybe a wreath for a friend when you go out shopping – and contact Hailey!

Stay tuned on Monday for our next entrepreneur!!

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