Peppermint in my pocket


DSC_9848What if I told you peppermint has been my nursemaid, nanny and doula?

It’s true though, it really is.

I first fell in love with peppermint during labour, believe it or not.


Imagine this fresh, fragrant smell… Something so sharp and tingly that it cuts right through the hot, smothering and claustrophobic feelings of nausea.

When I rubbed that essential oil onto the skin of my hand between my finger and thumb during labour, everything eased just a little – even the pain. Every time those nauseous waves would come, peppermint would tease my nose and push them back.

Since then, we’ve become close friends, peppermint and I. My kiddos ask for it during every tummy upset, it soothes my husband’s muscle aches and pains, it freshens the air during those awful sick days, it goes down my throat in tingly warmth whenever I need it as tea.

Put a little peppermint in your pocket. It’s worth it.




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