Come into my space


Come with me now, wherever you might be, to my little kitchen. The early morning sun is shining brightly, painting the counters and cupboards with its warmth, and it’s the perfect time to chat over some chai.

So come on in, and fill your soul.

Maybe we’ll talk about the weather – outside the air is crisply tinged with fall, and the leaves are changing into warmer colours. Perhaps we’ll discuss the benefits of using this oil or that to soothe little throats and tummies and heads, now that flu season is creeping in… or we might sigh over this beautiful earth, what it means to connect with it, and how to pursue a healthy natural lifestyle in our very own distinct and original ways.


Small bundles of herbs are dangling in the light, beeswax is bubbling on the stove, and some fun little bottles of different shapes are standing like soldiers in their lines, waiting to be filled with our next concoction. The air in here is full of the enticing aromas of all things natural. We might put on our aprons and pick up a ladle, or whisk, and get our hands wet with soothing butters and creams and lovely secret recipes.

All we need is an old and tattered book, handed down from generations ago to make this place a stillroom, and us the ancient healers.


If you were to sip the air, as if you were at a wine tasting, you might notice the taste of lavender, or citrus, or even eucalyptus. Tangled there and through it all …. just a hint of peppermint. It’s one of my favourite oils, and maybe you’ll fall in love with it too. So come, now, come! Let’s explore what it means to nourish our bodies and homes in all things natural.


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