When we go out to market…


There are just times when you need to dress up and get out to meet the world. And that is what we do, once a week all summer long. Everyone puts their best foot forward – lotions, soaps and sprays, chapstick, body butter and deodorant – all gathered in neat little lines and piled up high in pretty gleaming tins.

Farmer’s markets are like little treasure troves of talent no-one knew existed. Everyone shyly steps forward with all kinds of natural products, handmade clothing, jewelry  and healthy organic food to share. Really, it’s just a party and you should stop at one if you ever have a chance. What could be better than supporting local artisans and growers while chasing a healthy lifestyle yourself?

To scare away the bugs

Ew, Lice. Is there anything worse?

My little girl just started kindergarten, and while I’m thrilled at her chance to learn and grow and make new friends, I was NOT so thrilled at the letter I received that lice had been found in her class. Are you scratching your head yet? Cuz I have been – just at the thought of those nasty little things crawling all over my baby’s head!

What’s worse is that those little buggers have built up a resistance to the chemical treatments (such as anticholinesterase), which means once you use that awful smelling, itchy, scalp burning stuff on your babies hair you might not actually get rid of them all – it might not kill all the bugs and you find yourself having to retreat your children again and again! Ugh.

So what do we do when the bugs are out in force?

We get out our tools! Tea tree, lavender and rosemary oils, and wonderful natural soaps. (not to mention the fun little bottles of different shapes and sizes).


Did you know that tea tree oil (a natural product from the tea tree plant) has been found more effective than DEET or lavender in preventing lice?

Did you know that lice hate the smell of it?

It won’t kill those little suckers once they’re already there, but it WILL keep them from setting up shop in the first place. And when you mix it with scents of lavender and rosemary, it becomes a beautifully fresh natural shampoo or spray. (Both of which Kettle River Bath and Body provides).

Thank goodness we know how to make it!


If you can’t find your way to a natural spray or shampoo, all it takes is a few drops added to your laundry detergent and, voilà! You have yourself a fresh smelling lice deterrent.


Peppermint in my pocket


DSC_9848What if I told you peppermint has been my nursemaid, nanny and doula?

It’s true though, it really is.

I first fell in love with peppermint during labour, believe it or not.


Imagine this fresh, fragrant smell… Something so sharp and tingly that it cuts right through the hot, smothering and claustrophobic feelings of nausea.

When I rubbed that essential oil onto the skin of my hand between my finger and thumb during labour, everything eased just a little – even the pain. Every time those nauseous waves would come, peppermint would tease my nose and push them back.

Since then, we’ve become close friends, peppermint and I. My kiddos ask for it during every tummy upset, it soothes my husband’s muscle aches and pains, it freshens the air during those awful sick days, it goes down my throat in tingly warmth whenever I need it as tea.

Put a little peppermint in your pocket. It’s worth it.




Come into my space


Come with me now, wherever you might be, to my little kitchen. The early morning sun is shining brightly, painting the counters and cupboards with its warmth, and it’s the perfect time to chat over some chai.

So come on in, and fill your soul.

Maybe we’ll talk about the weather – outside the air is crisply tinged with fall, and the leaves are changing into warmer colours. Perhaps we’ll discuss the benefits of using this oil or that to soothe little throats and tummies and heads, now that flu season is creeping in… or we might sigh over this beautiful earth, what it means to connect with it, and how to pursue a healthy natural lifestyle in our very own distinct and original ways.


Small bundles of herbs are dangling in the light, beeswax is bubbling on the stove, and some fun little bottles of different shapes are standing like soldiers in their lines, waiting to be filled with our next concoction. The air in here is full of the enticing aromas of all things natural. We might put on our aprons and pick up a ladle, or whisk, and get our hands wet with soothing butters and creams and lovely secret recipes.

All we need is an old and tattered book, handed down from generations ago to make this place a stillroom, and us the ancient healers.


If you were to sip the air, as if you were at a wine tasting, you might notice the taste of lavender, or citrus, or even eucalyptus. Tangled there and through it all …. just a hint of peppermint. It’s one of my favourite oils, and maybe you’ll fall in love with it too. So come, now, come! Let’s explore what it means to nourish our bodies and homes in all things natural.


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